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seren vardal
1 Jul 2020
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to person whom it may concern, 

I would like to wish you a good day. My name is Seren and I am the Foreign Trade Manager of this company . We are very happy to get contact with you. 

I would like to give you a very little information about Provas Medical located in Ankara, Turkey.  We are a corporate company that has been serving in the field of Cardiovascular Surgery both at domestic and abroad for nearly 20 years, working with many companies and hospitals. We now wish to expand our product network . As much as we realized from the web site , we liked your products  and much more interested in the noodles , creams and need more information about them.  Do you have more information and catalogue for them  ? 

We'd love to do a long-term business with you  . Do you have a distributor in Turkey ? 

Looking forward to receiving your kind response.

Best Regards

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