MINERVA CANNULA is different from any other company’s products since the company has its own manufacturing

method. MINERVA Cannula minimizes damaging skin tissue. Furthermore, due to its manufacturing process, it

doesn’t cause any negative side effects and it brings the best results from lifting procedure.


Multi-functional products forwhitening & Aanti-wrinkle

■ Skin regeneration     ■ Skin soothing     ■ Wound care

MIN is an advanced premium cream, in which the fermented of Lactobacilli effectively protectsthe skin by strengthening and moisturizing skin wall in addition to the solution ingredient ofvitamin B3, B5, C, E, H, K supplying sufficient nutrient to the skin and various plantextract soothing the skin irritated by external factors, leading to a renewal of healthy moist skinwith high moisturizing ability.